The secretariat assists the members of the Electoral Council in their activities. Below an overview of the employees at the secretariat.

Pamela Young

Deputy secretary-director, also coordinator legal affairs and IT

Maaike van Hoboken

Administrative assistant Referenda

Jan-Jouke Vos

IT consultant

Karina de Klerk Wolters

Office manager

Heleen Hörmann

Coördinator Communications, Research and Support, also senior communications adviser

Ron de Jong

Scientific researcher

Melle Bakker


Roderick Al

Legal adviser

Marco Segers

Legal adviser

Ellen Voogd

Administrative assistant Referenda

Ronald Jansen

Senior management adviser

Marjolein Walsmit-Brouwer

Communications adviser

Edward Brüheim

Senior legal adviser

Henny Siero

Management adviser

Not in the picture: Myrna Lindeboom, legal administrative assistant.