List of candidates announcement

21 parties will participate in the elections for the House of Representatives on 12 September 2012. In total, there are 972 candidates on the list of candidates, and they will participate in one or more of the twenty electoral districts that make up the Netherlands. Of these candidates, 303 are women and 669 are men. In 2010, the total number of candidates was a bit lower: 676, of which 222 were women. See enclosures for the list of candidates, per party.

Image: Kiesraad/Electoral Council

In total, 21 parties will participate in the elections for the House of Representatives on 12 September 2012. 11 parties have submitted the exact same list of candidates in all of the electoral districts. The other parties have submitted lists that differ partially per electoral district and/or have submitted lists to fewer electoral districts. Politieke Partij NXD will participate in the elections in one electoral district, that of Amsterdam.

Caribbean Netherlands

For electoral district 20 (Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba), positions 11, 12 and 17 of the Piratenpartij, Piratenpartij voor Mens en Spirit (MenS), and the Liberaal Democratische Partij (LibDem), respectively, have been declared invalid because insufficient declaration of support was presented. This means that these parties will participate in electoral districts 1 through 19. The SOPN and the Partij van de Toekomst (PvdT) did not submit a list in the islands (electoral district 20).

IQ-Partij list of candidates invalid

The list of candidates from the IQ-Partij; with IQ voor Eerlijkheid has been declared invalid. This list was only submitted in electoral district Den Haag, but has since been declared invalid by the principal electoral committee because the mandatory deposit was not paid and there was insufficient declaration of support submitted. The IQ-Partij has lodged an appeal at the Judicial Division of the Council of State against the decision of the principal electoral committee.

Numbering of list of candidates

The Electoral Council numbered the list of candidates on Thursday 2 August in a public meeting. In addition, the Electoral Council declared two combined lists valid.
Ten parties won one or more seats in the last elections for the House of Representative on 9 June 2010. These parties received their position on the list in the order of the number of votes they received in the elections.  The party with the most votes was given position 1 on the list, and so forth.
Twelve parties that submitted their list of candidates on 31 July are not yet represented in the House of Representatives. Eight of these parties have submitted a list of candidates in all 20 electoral districts. The parties were given a position on the list via drawing lots, for positions 11 through 18. Two parties have submitted a list of candidates in nineteen electoral districts and were given, via drawing lots, list positions 19 and 20. One party has submitted a list of candidates in only one electoral district. This party was also given a position on the list via drawing lots: position 21.


List position   Name of political party

1.                       VVD
2.                       Partij van de Arbeid (P.v.d.A.)
3.                       PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid)
4.                       Christen Democratisch Appèl (CDA)
5.                       SP (Socialistische Partij)
6.                       Democraten 66 (D66)
7.                       GROENLINKS
8.                       ChristenUnie
9.                       Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP)
10.                     Partij voor de Dieren
11.                     Piratenpartij
12.                     Partij voor Mens en Spirit (MenS)
13.                     Nederlands Lokaal
14.                     Libertarische Party (LP)
15.                     Democratisch Politiek Keerpunt DPK
16.                     50PLUS
17.                     Liberaal Democratische Partij (LibDem)
18.                     Anti Europa Partij
19.                     SOPN
20.                     Partij van de Toekomst (PvdT)
21.                     Politieke Partij NXD

Combined lists

Two combined lists have been declared valid:

  • Partij van de Arbeid (P.v.d.A.) (position 2), SP (Socialistische Partij) (position 5) and GROENLINKS (position 7).
  • ChristenUnie (position 8) and Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP) (position 9).