Final results of the elections to the Senate

The VVD and PvdA government coalition secured a total of 21 seats during the elections to the Senate. This means that the coalition has no majority in the Senate. Candidates of all 12 participating parties will take their seat in the new Senate. 14 candidates secured a seat in the Senate by preferential votes, 2 of whom ended higher than their position in the list of candidates: Mr Alexander Kops and Mr Alexander van Hattem, both members of the PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid).

Image: ©Jeroen van der Meyde

All 570 members of the provincial council cast their vote on Tuesday 26 May 2015 for the new composition of the Senate. This meant a turnout of 100%. No blank or invalid votes were cast. Twenty-one of the 570 votes were cast by proxy.

Allocation of seats

When the seats were allocated among the various lists, each party was first allocated the number of full seats. This number of full seats equals the number of times the list obtained the electoral quota. Upon the initial allocation, 68 of the 75 seats were allocated. So 7 residual seats had to be allocated. VVD, PvdA, CDA, PVV, SP, D66 and 50PLUS were each given one residual seat.

Total allocation of seats per party

Appellation of political party List number Number of seats
VVD 1 13
CDA 3 12
Democraten 66 (D66) 6 10
PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid) 4 9
SP (Socialistische Partij) 5 9
Partij van de Arbeid (P.v.d.A.) 2 8
ChristenUnie 8 3
Partij voor de Dieren 11 2
Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP) 9 2
50PLUS 10 2
Onafhankelijke Senaatsfractie 12 1

Elected candidates

A total of 261 candidates were included in the lists of the 12 parties that participated in the elections. In order for candidates to be elected by preferential votes on their own, they must have obtained a number of votes that equals the electoral quota. The electoral quota, and thereby the preference threshold, is 2,254 6/75 votes.

Fourteen candidates exceeded the preference threshold, compared to 18 in 2011. Out of these 14 candidates who exceeded the preference threshold, 2 candidates secured a seat in the Senate merely on the basis of the number of preferential votes. These candidates are A. Kops (PVV) and A.W.J.A. van Hattem (PVV). The other 12 candidates who exceeded the preference threshold would also have been elected on the basis of their position in the list of candidates. Out of the 75 elected candidates, 26 candidates are female (35%), compared to 36% in 2011.