Record number (81) registered party names House of Representatives election

On the 21st of December 2016 the Electoral Council registered 18 new appellations (party names) in respect of the next election for the House of Representatives. In total, the definite number of registered political parties for the election is 81. The registered party names will be shown on the ballot paper. The election for the House of Representatives will be held on 15 March 2017.

Image: Dirk Hol mediatheek government of the Netherlands

Registration of a party name is not required. A political party may also opt to participate in the elections as a so-called 'blank list'.

Nomination day: 30 January 2017
In order to be entitled to participate in the elections, political parties need to submit their list of candidates on nomination day. On the 30th of January, all political parties submit their list of candidates to the central electoral committee: the Electoral Council. Political parties participating in election for the House of Representatives for the first time and parties that failed to gain a seat in the previous election are required to pay a deposit (€ 11.250,-). In addition, they must submit declarations of support for each electoral district (580 in sum).