28 parties participate in House of Representatives election 2017

On 15 March 2017 28 parties and 1114 unique candidates (based on the lists of candidates for different electoral districts) will participate in the elections for the House of Representatives. In This was announced by the Electoral Council, acting as central electoral committee, in a public session on Friday, 3 February. Furthermore, two combined lists have been declared valid and all lists have been numbered.

Image: Kiesraad/Electoral Council

The following lists of candidates have been declared valid and are numbered in the following order by the Electoral Council:1. VVD
2. Partij van de Arbeid (P.v.d.A.)
3. PVV (Partij voor de Vrijheid)
4. SP (Socialistische Partij)
5. CDA
6. Democraten 66 (D66)
7. ChristenUnie
9. Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP)
10. Partij voor de Dieren
11. 50PLUS
12. OndernemersPartij
13. VNL (VoorNederland)
14. DENK
16. Forum voor Democratie
17. De Burger Beweging
18. Vrijzinnige Partij
19. GeenPeil
20. Piratenpartij
21. Artikel 1
22. Niet Stemmers
23. Libertarische Partij (LP)
24. Lokaal in de Kamer
26. StemNL
27. MenS en Spirit/Basisinkomen Partij/V-R
28. Vrije Democratische Partij (VDP)

The lists of the P.v.d.A. contained the largest number of candidates: 171. The list of the Vrije Democratische Partij (VDP) the smallest number of candidates: 1. Both the youngest candidate (aged 16) and the oldest candidate (aged 93) are on the list of the Partij voor de Dieren. Of the 1114 candidates, 393 are women (35,3%) and 721 are men. In 2012, the total number of candidates was 972 of which there were 303 women.

Missing/invalid documents

At the examination of submitted lists on 31 January the Electoral Council concluded that 19 parties didn’t submit all the necessary documents - for example declarations of support. These parties had 3 days to submit or rectify those documents. Some documents were not submitted or rectified in that period. This means that 3 parties will not participate in the election: Respect!, Trots op Nederland and Vrouwen Partij (VP). 12 parties will not participate in all electoral districts: Artikel 1, De Burger Beweging, GeenPeil, JEZUS LEEFT, Libertarische Partij, Lokaal in de Kamer, MenS en Spirit/Basisinkomen Partij/V-R, Niet Stemmers, Piratenpartij, StemNL, Vrije Democratische Partij (VDP) and Vrijzinnige Partij.

Numbering of list of candidates

The Electoral Council numbered the list of candidates as follows. Eleven parties won one or more seats in the last elections for the House of Representative. These parties received their position on the list in the order of the number of votes they received in the elections. The party with the most votes was given position 1 on the list, and so forth. The other parties were given a position on the list via drawing lots, for positions 12 through 28.

Combined lists

Two combined lists have been declared valid:

  • Partij van de Arbeid (P.v.d.A.) (position 2) and GROENLINKS (position 8).
  • ChristenUnie (position 7) and Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij (SGP) (position 9).