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The Electoral Council is a central electoral committee, an advisory body and an information centre in the field of franchise and elections.

Electoral Council

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(The Electoral Council is the central electoral committee for elections to the Senate and Lower House and of Dutch MEPs.)

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(We ensure elections run smoothly. We register parties' names and assess validity of lists of candidates, assigning each a list number on the ballot paper.)

(Our most important task is determining election results. Based on which, we appoint the members of the Senate and the Lower House and the members of the European Parliament.)

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(The Electoral Council was set up in 1917. Its range of tasks has increased considerably since then. From 2015, the Council will also act as a central electoral committee during advisory referendums.)

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MAN: The agenda you received,
do you all agree with it? Yes? Then we'll follow it.

(The Electoral Council has seven members appointed for a four-year period based on their expertise. This period can be extended a maximum of two times. The Council meets about once a month in The Hague. Meetings are held more often during election times.)

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(Council members are supported by a secretariat of 13 people, and more during election times.)

(Men using keyboards.)

(We are an independent advisory body for government and parliament on electoral law and elections. Municipalities, political parties, the media and voters can contact us too. We are becoming a knowledge and information centre on electoral law and elections.)

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The Electoral Council consists of seven members. These members are appointed by Royal Decree for a period of four years, and can be reappointed twice. They are appointed on the basis of their expertise in giving advice on the Election Law and elections.

A secretariat assists the members of the Electoral Council in their activities.