30 January 2017: nomination day House of Representatives election

On nomination day, political parties that wish to participate in the House of Representatives election of 15 March 2017 need to submit their list(s) of candidates. On Monday the 30th of January, all political parties submit their list(s) of candidates to the Electoral Council (central electoral committee) between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Image: Najib Nafid Mediatheek Rijksoverheid

At Tuesday the 31th of January the Electoral Council examines the submitted lists of candidates, the validity of candidacies (for example: each candidate must have signed a declaration of consent) and used appellations (party names). Afterwards, the Electoral Council publishes an overview of all political parties that submitted a list of candidates on this website.

If the Electoral Council concludes from his examination of the submitted lists that some documents are missing (for example a party didn’t submit enough declarations of support) or incomplete, the party has the opportunity to submit or rectify those documents until Friday the 3rd of February 3 p.m.

Public session: validity lists of candidates

In a public session on Friday the 3rd of February at 4 p.m. the Electoral Council will determine the legitimacy of lists of candidates, the validity of the candidacies, used appellations and electoral alliances for the House of Representatives election. Note: this session will be held in Dutch. The numbering of lists will also be done in this session. The meeting will be held at 4 p.m. in the Thorbeckezaal at the House of Representatives. Entrance is at Lange Poten 4, The Hague. All visitors must be able to show ID (passport or driving license) and will be security checked. After the meeting, an English news item with the complete, valid lists of candidates will be published on this website.