Elections of the House of Representatives

The general election of the House of Representatives takes place on 17 March 2021. Due to the corona virus, additional measures are in place to ensure a save voting process. These measures include early voting on Monday 15 March and Tuesday 16 March, in particular for voters considered vulnerable to the corona virus. In addition, voters aged 70 or older have the option to vote by post. Furthermore, a voter may cast a vote by proxy for three persons, instead of two.

Image: ©Kiesraad / Phil Nijhuis

37 parties participate

37 parties and 1579 candidates will participate in the elections for the Dutch House of Representatives (based on the lists of candidates for different electoral districts). This was announced by the Dutch Electoral Council, acting as central electoral committee. In 2017, 28 parties and 1114 candidates participated in the elections for the House of Representatives.

Election results

On the evening of election day, March 17, preliminary, non-official results are presented in the media. The media base the preliminary results on the ‘quick count of votes’ by the municipal electoral committees. The Electoral Council publishes the official results of the elections on March 26. The results of the elections to the House of Representatives are stored in the Electoral Council's election results database.