Annual report 2010 Dutch Electoral Council

Several elections were held in 2010: 3 March: municipal elections, 9 June: elections to the House of Representatives, 24 November: municipal elections following a redivision in 19 municipalities and postponed regular municipal elections in 10 municipalities and November: water authority elections in the province of Zeeland (Scheldestromen Water authority). The red pencil was used again in the municipal elections. It is noteworthy that in these elections several municipalities decided to recount the votes.

In 2010, amendments were made to the Elections Act, for instance the amendment in relation to the new constitutional position of Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba within the Netherlands and the statutory regulations concerning the elections to the Senate. Ever since the latest general revision of the Elections Act in 1989, the Act has been amended many times.

The Electoral Council gave seven advices in 2010.