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  1. Annual report 2020

    The year 2020 is defined by the corona pandemic. During redivision elections in November a few Dutch municipalities were the ...

    Annual report | 16-03-2021

  2. Annual report 2019 Dutch Electoral Council

    In the annual report 2019 we look back on the elections that were held. We also focus on the recommendations issued by the ...

    Annual report | 16-03-2020

  3. English version Dutch Electoral Act

    Publication | 05-04-2019

  4. Annual report Dutch Electoral Council 2018

    Annual report | 15-03-2019

  5. Annual report Electoral Council 2017

    An election for the House of Representatives was held in 2017. In addition, redivision elections were held in a number of ...

    Annual report | 20-03-2018

  6. Annual report 2016

    On 6 April 2016, the first advisory referendum was held pursuant to the Advisory Referendum Act (Wet raadgevend referendum). The ...

    Annual report | 31-03-2017

  7. What will be the procedure to determine the results of the 2017 House of Representatives results?

    In the 2017 House of Representatives elections, voting and counting will take place manually at the polling stations, similar to ...

    Frequently asked questions

  8. Annual report 2015 Dutch Electoral Council

    2015 was a special year for the Electoral Council in several respects. Combined elections for provincial councils and the ...

    Annual report | 04-03-2016

  9. Annual report 2014 Dutch Electoral Council

    In 2014, regular municipal council elections and elections of the Dutch members of the European Parliament were held. In ...

    Annual report | 09-03-2015

  10. Recommendations of the Electoral Council following the 2014 municipal council and European Parliament elections

    The Electoral Council advises the Minister to have the Electoral Act explicitly prohibit the making of 'boothies', photographs ...

    Recommendation | 04-08-2014