Van Beek Committee recommends introduction of electronic voting and vote counting

In its report entitled 'Every vote counts. Electronic voting and vote counting' [in Dutch: 'Elke stem telt. Elektronisch stemmen en tellen'], published 18 December 2013, the Van Beek Committee recommends that electronic voting and vote counting be introduced. The committee is of the opinion that making use of electronic equipment will speed up the process of voting and counting of the votes and reduce errors. The proposed technology would in addition enable more voters with a physical impairment to cast their vote.

If it were up to the Committee to assess electronic voting and vote counting (the 'Van Beek Committee'), from 2018 onwards, voters will be able to make their choice from the eligible parties and candidates listed on a ballot printer. The voters will next personally print a ballot paper listing their chosen parties and candidates  and deposit their ballot paper in the ballot box. After the closing of the election, all ballot papers are to be counted using scanning equipment. The Committee expects counting the votes will take about an hour.

Requirements and conditions

The Electoral Council is very pleased to note that the Van Beek Committee has exhaustively considered the requirements and conditions for the use of electronic aids to support the election process. The Electoral Council has in the past advocated the necessity thereof, believing that the use of electronic equipment would make for a more prudent and meticulous election process.

Electoral Council's response

The chairman of the Electoral Council was heard by the Committee as an adviser.  The Council will submit a motivated response to the report at a later time.