21 March announcement official election results House of Representatives

The Electoral Council will determine the official results of the election for the House of Representatives in a public session on 21 March 2017. On the evening of the election day, 15 March 2017, preliminary, non-official results are presented in the media. The preliminary results are based on the 'quick count of votes' by the electoral committees.

Image: ©Theo Bos

During the public session (note: this session will be held in Dutch), the central electoral committee (the Electoral Council) will announce:

  • the number of votes that were cast for each political group
  • the allocation of seats and residual seats
  • the elected candidates
  • the candidates that were elected with preference votes
  • the impact of combined lists for the allocation of seats

    The meeting will be held on:
    Date: Tuesday 21 March 2017
    Time: at  4.00 p.m.
    Location: 'Oude Zaal' at the House of Representatives
    Address: Lange Poten 4, The Hague

You are welcome to attend the meeting. All visitors must be able to show a current ID (passport or driving license) and will be security checked. An English news item with the official results will be published on this website after the public meeting of the Electoral Council.