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  1. Final results election of the European Parliament 30th of May

    The Electoral Council, central electoral committee, will announce the official results of the election of the European Parliament ...

    News item | 27-05-2014 | 12:44

  2. Validity of the lists of candidates for the European Parliament Elections established

    The list of candidates of the 'Vrouwen Partij' has been established as being invalid, as no proof was submitted of payment of the ...

    News item | 17-04-2014 | 12:51

  3. Government: use of voting printer and electronic vote counting has its advantages

    The Government believes implementing the use of voting printers and the electronic counting of the votes by the use of scanning ...

    News item | 07-04-2014 | 12:52

  4. Annual report 2013 Dutch Electoral Council

    As can be read in the annual report of the Dutch Electoral Council, only redivision elections were held in 2013. The activities ...

    News item | 28-02-2014 | 12:53

  5. Van Beek Committee recommends introduction of electronic voting and vote counting

    In its report entitled 'Every vote counts. Electronic voting and vote counting' [in Dutch: 'Elke stem telt. Elektronisch stemmen ...

    News item | 23-12-2013 | 11:06

  6. Committee to assess electronic voting

    Mr Plasterk, the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, has set up a committee that will assess whether and how ...

    News item | 26-09-2013 | 11:11

  7. Electoral register for Dutch voters abroad

    For Dutch voters who live abroad, it will become easier to participate in elections. They will automatically be sent the ...

    News item | 26-09-2013 | 11:09

  8. Annual Report 2012 Dutch Electoral Council

    The Electoral Council has published its 2012 annual report. The report contains an overview of the recommendations issued by the ...

    News item | 09-04-2013 | 11:47

  9. Nomination of candidates EP elections made simpler

    It will henceforth be simpler for European Union (EU) citizens residing in a country other than their country of origin to have ...

    News item | 01-02-2013 | 11:49

  10. Minister of the Interior evaluates House of Representatives elections

    The House of Representatives elections of 12 September 2012 transpired smoothly. Thus Mr Plasterk, Minister of the Interior and ...

    News item | 22-01-2013 | 11:51