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Annual report 2010 Dutch Electoral Council

Several elections were held in 2010: 3 March: municipal elections, 9 June: elections to the House of Representatives, 24...

Annual report | 04-03-2011

Annual report 2009 Dutch Electoral Council

In 2009, the elections of the Dutch members of the European Parliament were held and six elections related to municipal...

Annual report | 04-03-2010

Recommendation on additional seat in the European Parliament

A referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon will be held (again) in Ireland on October 2nd. Provided the Lisbon Treaty is ratified,...

Publication | 23-09-2009

Recommendation given by Electoral Council on amendments to Senate elections

Upon the advice of the State Secretary of Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Electoral Council has given a recommendation...

Publication | 20-07-2009

Turnout figures EP 2009

Report | 11-06-2009

Number of votes per party EP 2009

Report | 11-06-2009

Annual report 2008 Dutch Electoral Council

Two thousand and eight was a year that saw significant electoral reforms. The Senate voted to end the disenfranchisement of...

Annual report | 04-03-2009

Annual report 2007 Dutch Electoral Council

In 2007 priority was given to issuing advice following the elections in 2006 (in addition to the provincial council elections...

Annual report | 04-03-2008

Annual report 2006 Dutch Electoral Council

The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, in consultation with the Electoral Council, initiated the Versterking...

Annual report | 01-07-2007

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