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Dutch Electoral Council

Brochure 'Dutch Electoral Council: organisation and responsibilities'.

Publication | 13-06-2012

Annual report 2011 Dutch Electoral Council

In 2011, four elections were held, namely: provincial council elections, elections to the island councils of Bonaire, Sint ...

Annual report | 04-03-2012

Annual report 2010 Dutch Electoral Council

Several elections were held in 2010: 3 March: municipal elections, 9 June: elections to the House of Representatives, 24 ...

Annual report | 04-03-2011

Annual report 2009 Dutch Electoral Council

In 2009, the elections of the Dutch members of the European Parliament were held and six elections related to municipal ...

Annual report | 04-03-2010

Recommendation on additional seat in the European Parliament

A referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon will be held (again) in Ireland on October 2nd. Provided the Lisbon Treaty is ratified, the ...

Publication | 23-09-2009

Recommendation given by Electoral Council on amendments to Senate elections

Upon the advice of the State Secretary of Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Electoral Council has given a recommendation about ...

Publication | 20-07-2009

Turnout figures EP 2009

Report | 11-06-2009

Number of votes per party EP 2009

Report | 11-06-2009

Annual report 2008 Dutch Electoral Council

Two thousand and eight was a year that saw significant electoral reforms. The Senate voted to end the disenfranchisement of ...

Annual report | 04-03-2009

Annual report 2007 Dutch Electoral Council

In 2007 priority was given to issuing advice following the elections in 2006 (in addition to the provincial council elections and ...

Annual report | 04-03-2008