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OSCE observation mission report

An observation mission of the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) visited the Netherlands between 29 ...

News item | 27-11-2012 | 10:45

2012 House of Representatives elections evaluation

Even when a voter is travelling the world, he needs to be able to vote - per letter - from abroad. This is one of the ...

News item | 16-11-2012 | 10:50

Advice on the 'Temporary Ballot Papers and Central Counting Experiments Act'

The Electoral Council agrees it is necessary to adapt the ballot papers for easier handling by both the voters and the polling ...

News item | 09-11-2012 | 10:55

Results of House of Representatives elections in Database

Would you like to know exactly how many votes a certain candidate obtained in one or a number of municipalities? The Election ...

News item | 03-10-2012 | 10:56

Official results of the House of Representatives elections 12 September 2012

Voter turnout for this House of Representatives elections was, at 74,6%, just below that of the elections held in 2010 (75,4%). ...

News item | 20-09-2012 | 10:58

List of candidates announcement

21 parties will participate in the elections for the House of Representatives on 12 September 2012. In total, there are 972 ...

News item | 10-09-2012 | 10:59

Elections for the House of Representatives on 12 September 2012

Today, the Cabinet cut the knot: the members of the House of Representatives will be elected on 12 September.

News item | 27-04-2012 | 11:01

Male-female ratio results of the elections for the members of the House of Representatives

With the elections of 9 June, the lists of all 18 participating parties comprised 676 candidates in total: 454 men and 222 women, ...

News item | 16-06-2010 | 10:41

The 7th Electoral Managament Bodies Conference

The Venice Commission organises the 7th EMB Conference this year in cooperation with the UK Electoral Commission on Tuesday the ...

News item | 30-03-2010 | 10:43

New Secretary-director of the Electoral Council

On 1 February 2010, Melle Bakker will take up his position as the new Secretary-director of the Electoral Council. He will ...

News item | 21-01-2010 | 10:44